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Process Controls is often shrouded by the veil of fear and the mystique of a magic box that automates the plant. I often say that Integrators are the doctors of the industrial world. We are tasked with faithfully executing a duty upon the most intimate parts of a process, with our reputation and livelihood at stake while doing so. ICE Process Management takes that duty on with all the same onus put upon all such professionals, to shred the veil of secrecy and disclose exactly what the true costs, risks, and values are when evaluating a process controls decision. All while maintaining the confidence of our clients that we will perform these sacred tasks to the best of our ability without overstepping the bounds of our scope and disclosing all potential risks encountered along the way.


ICE Process Management has a philosophy that is best summarized in the title of the biography of the Legendary Football Coach, Bill Walsh, “The Points Take Care of Themselves”. This cannot be truer in the industry of Process Controls and Data Integration. Bill Walsh expands in his biography that if every small task is executed with precision and diligence, and rigorously performed to the highest standard repeatedly, then success will inevitably be the result of those efforts.


Given proper time and resources, the integrity and focus on fundamentals will deliver success. Success can be measured in various metrics, of course, but ICE Process Management has a long record of delivering favorable results to all first-hand clients. Most often this is measured as the delivery of an operating plant, on-time and within budget. In some cases, though, operator support and management tool development are the deliverables and in those cases, it is the in-person relationships built that often prove to be the most valuable asset wielded within the ICE quiver.

General Services

ICE does keep on-board the capacity to handle most aspects of engineering commonly found in the process industry. That said, it is most common for us to focus on the process engineering, automation systems engineering and operational integration. Given that as a basis for covering general services, common activities include those where the controls systems are heavily involved, such as FAT/SAT, commissioning, start-up and turnarounds.

Defined Services

Within ICE’s portfolio services, there are certain activities that are requested regularly. After having performed these services repeatably, standardization and best practices have been developed. The benefit to the client is that investigation into alternatives and decision-making time are minimized. Moreover, it is common that the project is able to be de-risked by working through a method with ICE in order to arrive at a fixed price for the project.


ICE Process Management and our sister company Apex Process Intelligence maintain a portfolio of products developed organically and integration licenses with other software and platform developers. These products generally focus on industrial automation and integration services. With the vast experience in the engineering, integration, and deployment of these products, best practice and industry knowledge often deliver extremely competitive pricing with solid designs and effective communication.

Why ICE?

ICE Process Management maintains scopes firmly and strives to attain time and budget targets along with the client.

ICE is privately owned, enabling rapid decisions that allow clients to give input and receive feedback without the delays associated with larger organizations. ICE offers value through problem-solving experience in different industries and the resources to implement the best solutions.

ICE Process Management

ICE Process Management adheres to the ideals set forth in that both inside the organization and for our clients.


  • International Society of Automation: Certified Automation Professional
  • Licensed Professional Engineer:
  • Wisconsin State Board: Control Systems Engineer
  • Records Maintained for National Recognition by Proxy with National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES)
  • Matrikon Certified OPC System Integrator
  • Emerson Process Management PlantWeb System Training Instructor
  • University of Iowa College of Chemical Engineering
  • Alumni Professional Advisory Board Member
  • Adjunct Instructor: Applications in Process Controls


  • Corporate Clients
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Coskata Inc.
  • Red River Biorefinery
  • Trelys Inc
  • AMCS Specialty Gasses
  • Magnum Engineering
  • Parsons Engineering
  • Sites, Site Owners & Operators
  • US DOE
  • Shire Inc.
  • Barrick Gold
  • Flour-Daniels
  • Exxon Neft-Gas
  • Emerson Process Management
  • Wheatherford Engineered Chemistries
  • Biomass Solutions
  • Emerson Impact Partners
  • New England Controls
  • RE Mason Co.
  • Cornerstone Controls
  • Novaspect Inc