Pre-operational Services

Procurement Services and Pre-Operational Services

The technical nature of many process units and integration requirements often leads to imprecise procurement and excess costs. Our years of experience allow us to mitigate unnecessary procurement risk at minimal cost. ICE believes in clear communication and team training to think through all system details. ICE is often able to negotiate with equipment and technology providers utilizing creative solutions.

Technical Procurement Services, sister company to ICE, carries the financial services capable of handling credit transactions, risk management, and foreign currency procurement. Due to the lean nature of the integrated engineering and financial services firm, the procurement costs associated with the industrial equipment are second to none and often lower than end-user internal rates. ICE is so effective, we are often contracted by competitors to perform isolated complex services.


ICE is able to handle the test documentation from development to delivery. ICE has developed portable hardware (DeltaV, Allen-Bradley and Industrial Communications in-a-box), permitting testing to take place at the highest level of integrity with site-specific configurations, prior to shipment. This allows manufacturers and equipment integrators to rest assured that as much work as possible is able to be performed in the shop, without warranty claims rising, additional or unforeseen field modifications that are costly and extend deadlines.

Commissioning & Start-Up

Organized and value-added commissioning is what clients expect from ICE Process Management. By developing tools to aid in the organization and management plant equipment and components, we are able to provide services that reduce the overall effort for our clients. The value is most easily apparent with considering the training and maintenance turn-over packages that are generated from this approach to commissioning and start-up. With ICE’s background in plant operations, it is common to find that documents and packages are being requested by the client AFTER they have already been generated.

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