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Contract Negotiation

Process Controls contracts are complicated by the same set of technical and vernacular difficulties of the project itself.  Because it is nearly its own language, there are several planks of the campaign that must be mounted, in order to effectively negotiate a contract for purchase and installation.

Two major planks of the effort are the organization of contract components and knowledge of market pricing.  Organization of the contract components is critical to the ability for all parties to understand the pieces included in the contract and the scope of each component.  Implicit in this is then the ability to identify scope gaps that can cause horribly painful situations later in the project.

Knowledge of market prices is also critical to the ability to keep firms in line with expectations.  A corollary to this is the knowledge of reasonable amounts of time for the contract components to be completed.

ICE Process Management has vast experience and knowledge of all these planks.  Clients are often surprised to find out the true cost of their project and how easily budgets can be managed through different techniques in these contract negotiations.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

ICE Process Management Principal has been tapped by multiple legal firms for expertise in Intellectual Property and Liability Claim litigation.  In all cases, the firms have kept in close contact in order to perform the necessary service without running over budget. ICE functions primarily in industrial and R&D space, thus rates are marketed at a premium to that, rather than a discount from other expert witness work. This allows client legal firms to drill down specifically to the vulnerabilities of the opposition and clinch the keys to the case.

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