ICE Process Management and our sister company Apex Process Intelligence maintain a portfolio of products developed organically and integration licenses with other software and platform developers. These products generally focus on industrial automation and integration services. With the vast experience in the engineering, integration, and deployment of these products, best practice and industry knowledge often deliver extremely competitive pricing with solid designs and effective communication.

Emerson Process Management

The Emerson Process Management Plant Web Suite is probably the marquis process automation system and ICE Process Management has over 20 years of experience working with almost all aspects of Emerson DeltaV and Asset Management System (AMS).

ICE Process Management has developed a unique and value-added service using several of the products mentioned on this page to optimize the Emerson DeltaV system, leveraging its flexibility and ease of deployment, while capitalizing on its data integration interfaces..

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, being the other platform in competition for the mantle of premier automation system manufacturer, is necessarily within ICE Process Management’s portfolio of expertise. One of the most common projects for ICE Process Management is to create an interface between Emerson Automation and Rockwell Allen-Bradley. These tasks take several forms. ICE Process Management strives to create value out of each incarnation of this DeltaV Allen-Bradley Interface.


Iconics fulfills some of the best data transactions and aggregation functions in the automation industry. While SCADA and Building Management are certainly target markets for the software, ICE Process Management has found novel and valuable application for this software including Laboratory, Quality Control, Environmental and Logistical Management.

FieldServer & ProtoNode Industrial Gateways

Field Server Gateways and their more restrictive brand, ProtoNode are the Swiss Army Knife of the Industrial Communications world.  The FieldServer family of products can handle approximately 250 different Industrial Communication Protocols, transforming and aggregating data from any protocol to any other. ICE Process Management has relationships with driver and interface developers with the ability to develop drivers for any custom application.

OPC Integration

ICE Process Management is a certified integrator of OPC Systems with relationships in both Matrikon and Kepware, the two market leaders. OPC-UA is opening up a new world of opportunities for developers and data scientists. ICE Process Management is focused on providing the facilitation services to those opportunities through gaining expertise and creating OPC-UA Servers where none are otherwise available.

Ignition by Inductive Automation

The most flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective SCADA system on the market. ICE maintains relationships that make Ignition deployment and maintenance very competitive for our clients.

Real Time Automation Gateways

For the most widely used protocols and drivers, ICE and RTA have developed a relationship that allows field systems and centralized automation systems to communicate seemlessly. ICE and RTA also develop custom drivers for protocols having niche utilities.

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