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Managing Partner, Brian McWhorter, began his career with eight years in the specialty chemical plant operations where FDA standards were applied to unique reactive batch production. Finding the greatest satisfaction in plant construction and start-ups, he began to focus on renewable energy projects, where many plants were being built on rapid timelines and tight budgets. 

He turned his attention to larger manufacturing and resource development projects as a subcontractor to larger EPC firms leading commissioning and process start-up. 

Returning to technology development, Brian became involved with multiple technology development firms to design, build and operate pilot plants and first-of-kind industrial scale technology.

Brian McWorther
Brian McWhorter
Managing Partner
Dan Freer
Senior Field Engineer
Ginger Johnson
Senior Systems Engineer
John Mauk
System Development
Nicholas Mortari
System  Administrator  Cyber  Security
Bartłomiej Pień
Data Integration

Why ICE?

ICE Process Management maintains scopes firmly and strives to attain time and budget targets along with the client.

ICE is privately owned, enabling rapid decisions that allow clients to give input and receive feedback without the delays associated with larger organizations. ICE offers value through problem-solving experience in different industries and the resources to implement the best solutions.

To say that we are “here to make your life easier” is an understatement.

ICE seeks to make our clients and their personnel more efficient.  Finally, ICE believes in incorporating client personnel wherever possible.  In doing so, ICE can avoid the “consultant-leach” business model, where the consultant becomes indispensable and the client feels threatened and trapped by our organization.


ICE believes in performing every task with precision and diligence, rigorously performing each step to the highest standard. From designing computer programs, creating electrical connections, to selecting each transmitter, ICE achieves success through attention to detail.

Advancing Technology

A core value of ICE is continuous growth and development in advancing technologies. With customized systems and specialized software, we will keep your company at the forefront of your industry.

Plan for the Unexpected

Failures are typically due to events that were not foreseen or planned for. ICE will help you evaluate operations to increase visibility of unforeseen events and minimizing probable cause of failure through advance planning.

Sister Companies


Process Intelligence


Apex Process Intelligence maintains a portfolio of organically developed products which generally focus on industrial automation and integration services. 



Technical Procurement Services


TPS carries the financial services capable of handling credit transactions, risk management, and foreign currency procurement. Due to the lean nature of the integrated engineering and financial services firm, the procurement costs associated with the industrial equipment are second to none and often lower than end-user internal rates.