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ICE Process Management is a privately owned company that specializes in process controls and offers a range of services and products aimed at helping clients achieve their time and budget targets efficiently. The company emphasizes integrity, focus on fundamentals, and problem-solving experience across various industries. With a philosophy centered on providing value through tailored solutions, ICE Process Management stands out for its ability to make rapid decisions, enabling clients to have direct input and receive prompt feedback without the delays often associated with larger organizations.The company’s product line includes software and firmware solutions developed both internally and through integration licenses with other software developers. These products primarily focus on industrial automation and integration services, leveraging the company’s extensive engineering expertise to deliver competitive pricing, robust designs, and effective communication.ICE Process Management’s commitment to maintaining scopes firmly, meeting time and budget goals, and offering personalized solutions based on industry best practices makes it a reliable partner for businesses seeking efficient process management solutions. Their emphasis on client collaboration, quick decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities positions them as a valuable resource for companies looking to streamline their processes effectively.

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The right Tools and Team
We honestly didn’t know where to start on a crucial rebuild and migration project. ICE came to help manage and the project ended up being a great success. We could not have done it without Brian and the ICE team.

Among the more impressive programs managed were the untangling of a spaghetti bowl of PLC networks, 7500 I/O and control modules and a complete AMS database for support during commissioning.
Project owner, large pharmaceutical company

Multi-tasking and Challenges
We invited ICE to provide management support for 3 systems undergoing DeltaV Live migration. Each migration had its own challenges and the ICE team took each of them on while also improving and optimizing their own practices in the process.

Brian’s creative methods were invaluable in eliminating mistakes early in the collaboration while ensuring that all 3 projects were delivered and validated on time and within budget.
Senior Executive, influential company in the pharmaceutical industry


ICE Process Management generally appears on the radar as soon as deployment or migration projects involving Emerson’s DeltaV prove challenging or troublesome. In this niche field, our expertise is at the top of the pyramid of third party support you can find for your project. Unphased by intricately tangled legacy setups or highly complex requirements, the ICE team focuses on complete deliveries within timeline and budget.

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ICE Process Management maintain a portfolio of organically developed and highly advanced in-house tools, as well as integration licenses with other software and platform developers. This range of tools take our in-house ability for industrial automation and integration services to the next level.

With vast experience in engineering and integration, as well as the deployment of these unique tools, ICE delivers solid designs and effective communication while pricing is highly competitive. Our best practices and accrued industry knowledge are second to none.

If this subject is highly relevant for your current challenges, contact us for the best assistance possible.

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